Remote Sensing for Slum Mapping and Characterization in sub-Saharan African Cities

The SLUMAP project (Remote Sensing for Slum Mapping and Characterization in sub-Saharan African Cities) is a two-year research project (2019-2021) funded by the STEREO-III programme of the Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO).

The overall objective of SLUMAP is to propose an open-source framework that allows for the processing of remote sensing images for (i) providing information on the location and extension of slums within a city and (ii) characterizing the physical environment within slums (i.e., in terms of greenness, built-up density, etc.) at limited cost. Our methods will be tested on a set of three sub-Saharan cities containing slums with different characteristics, namely Nairobi (Kenya), Kisumu (Kenya) and Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso).

Latest News

On June 22 2022

WUF 11, Katowice, Poland
On June 22 2022, by Sabine Vanhuysse
SLUMAP results will be presented at the Eleventh Session of the World Urban Forum (26-30 June 2022, Katowice, Poland), in the frame of a training session dedicated to the EO toolkit for Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements: Check out the presentationDownload the training materialTry using the SLUMAP webgis Beta version (under development) Read more...

EURISY Members' Corner: Focus on the Belgian Science Policy Office
On June 18 2022, by Sabine Vanhuysse
SLUMAP results were presented at the EURISY Members' Corner , in the frame of a webinar dedicated to Remote sensing of African Urban Area for Health and Vulnerability Assessment (17 June 2022). Sub-Saharan Africa is facing a rapid and uncontrolled urbanization process, with significant impacts on the health and well-being of urban dwellers. To mitigate such impacts, and advance towards SDG 11 “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”, more spatially-detailed and quantitative data are necessary to identify the most vulnerable. Read more...