WUF 10

On April 27 2020 by Sabine Vanhuysse
The SLUMAP team organized two events at the Tenth Session of the World Urban Forum (8-13 Feb. 2020, Abu Dhabi, UAE): This training event allowed participants to assess and discuss the innovation potentials of open-source geospatial technology for supporting sustainable urban development processes. Using examples and showcases, participants got GIS hands-on experiences of how to work with spatial datasets and tailor them to their needs in terms of information and analysis in link with deprivation levels and deprived areas assets (e. Read more...

Human Planet Forum 2019

On September 23 2019 by Sabine Vanhuysse
SLUMAP was present at the Human Planet Forum 2019. The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Understanding Human Presence on Planet Earth’. A slum mapping session was organized on 1 Oct. 2019 (‘Leaving no-one and no place behind: The role of Earth Observation for mapping urban poverty at global scale’).